By the time you finish reading this sentence,

1 child would have tried tobacco.

By the time you finish

reading this sentence,

1 child would have

tried tobacco.

seconds, a child in India tries tobacco.
adolescents take to tobacco everyday in India.
20 lakh
children annually consume tobacco in India.
1 out of 3
children annually consume tobacco in India.
Rs.1.2 crore 
amount spent annually on tobacco related diseases.
of the world’s oral cancer incidences are in India.
of all deaths in India are tobacco-related.

India’s future needs our help

Children and adolescents are exposed to tobacco

Promotion by tobacco companies

Advertisements of various tobacco products are very common in all forms of media including the print media, television, and the roadside hoardings and banners. This exposes young minds and attracts them to tobacco products.

The role of peer influence

Peer pressure is an important determining factor for initiation of tobacco use among children and adolescents. The rate of smoking among teenagers that have three or more friends who smoke is 10 times higher than those that reported none of their friends smoke.

Easy availability of tobacco products

Tobacco products are socially sanctioned and are freely available in every nook and corner throughout the country. Laws are seldom followed and tobacco products are often sold to minors; many times within short distances of schools and colleges.

Psychological/ emotional factors

Children and adolescents facing poor school performance, truancy, low aspiration for future success, and school dropouts have been found to be associated with smoking at an early age.

The role of family

Tobacco use by parents or an elder sibling increases the likelihood that a child begins smoking. In rural India, incidence of tobacco consumption is 38% as compared to 24% in urban India.

We began with one school.

Our first step towards the tobacco

free country.

We began with one school.

Our first step towards

the tobacco free country.

Schools are in a uniquely powerful position to play a major role in reducing the serious problem of smoking and other tobacco use by children and adolescents.

Our work with schools makes them sites for unbound change, where they act as a gateway to better health and actualise a tobacco-free environment for students.

  • By banishing tobacco, schools set up a crucial example for the larger community.
  • Teachers in rural areas are important community members, often seen as role models. They play a vital role in leading the anti- tobacco programme in schools, serving as the backbone of the movement.
  • With the help of young students inspired to create change and determined teachers, we go about fulfilling our dream of a tobacco-free India.

How can this be prevented?

The Salaam Mumbai Way


Creating tobacco-free schools is a significant strategy for preventing tobacco use among children and youth.

Schools are critical sites where a strong no tobacco movement can originate. With the help of young students and determined teachers inspired to create change, we go about fulfilling our dream of a tobacco-free India.

  • Training teachers to conduct sessions about the harmful effects of tobacco
  • Students learn tobacco refusal
  • Encouraging the staff to counsel parents about the dangers of tobacco
  • Extracurricular activities incentivise students to be involved in tobacco prevention efforts

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I am delighted that Salaam Mumbai Foundation’s efforts have made Yavatmal the first tobacco- free school district in India.

Dr. Suchita Patekar (District Education Officer)

Yavatmal, Maharashtra

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